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Appraisal Trainee

Tue, 25 Jun 2019 14:03:03 GMT

Hi! I.m a recently licensed associate trainee currently working at a small appraisal company doing residential appraisals. I have worked on several appraisals, completed some from beginning to end, but need increased volume to reach my full licensed appraisal status. I would also love to do commercial appraisals and would be grateful for the opportunity to learn and advance. i can be reached anytime at 773-875-1617 or Thank you so much for your consideration.

Marvin Logan

Appraiser Trainee

Wed, 08 May 2019 13:08:44 GMT

My name is Sheena Hughes and I am an Illinois trainee appraiser, license no. 557006483. I am currently looking to work or shadow with a commercial appraisal company. I have 123 completed CE hours at Mckissock. I also have my Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information System. My ultimate goal is to obtain my General Appraiser licensure and obtain a professional designation with the Appraisal Institute. I fully understand the difficulties of companies taking on trainees along with the time and effort involved. With that said, I am not looking for monetary compensation. I solely seek to become an asset to your company using all that I have learned. I am also willing to still shadow, if supervisor already have their capped number of trainees. Though, I understand the hours needed, I am willingly to forego that for the time being if it means I can still get the one-on-one experience I so desire. I am altogether an empty vessel looking to be filled with knowledge and experience. Resume is available upon request. I can be contacted at: Telephone: 773-706-7489 Email: Thanks for reading,

Sheena Hughes

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